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"Sir Knight, at your service."

Sir Arthur Knight, better known as Sir Knight, is a character in "Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator". He is one of the three starting characters, along with Mr J. Shufflebottom and Mrs Maggie.

Bio Edit

Kids these days! TV? Rap Music? Video Games?! He has more important matter on his mind than keeping up with infantile new technology, fashion and language! Reading Shakespeare's latest book. Winding clocks. Treating his urinary incontinence. But everything changes when he realises that kids look jealously at his old fashioned clothes. At that moment, he decides to become a hipster...

Weakness Edit

Sir Knight isn't quite familiar with the modern world, and gets offended when someone uses a term that associates with it. Those include:

  • Still use(s) Windows Vista
  • Never watched Star Wars
  • [Doesn't/Don't] own a colour telly
  • Can be found in Pokémon GO
  • Play(s) hidden object games
  • [Has/Have] only local multiplayer
  • Suck(s) at Overwatch
  • Enjoyed Batman v Superman

Unique Terms Edit

  • A cream-faced loon
  • A ruttish fishmonger
  • A stewed prune
  • [Is/Are] an ill-nurtured whey face
  • [Has/Have] not so much brain as ear wax
  • You cross-eyed, inbred muckspout!
  • You tottering fool-born hedge-pig!

Trivia Edit

Sir Knight is tied with Grisha for the least exclusive insults.

Sir Knight isn't weak to a single noun.

His weakness is by far the least common.

Sir knight is at your service.