"Let's get Serious!"

Sam "Serious" Stone, better known as Serious Sam, is an unlockable character. He was added to the game on 11-11-2016. Like Lo Wang, he is a guest character, but he hails from the Serious Sam series.

Bio Edit

Weakness Edit

Serious Sam is sensitive to phrases that make light of serious topics, such as:

  • The communists
  • The Meaning of Life
  • The Nazis
  • The Queen
  • The Royal Family
  • [Is/Are] deceased
  • [Is/Are] racist
  • [Has/Have] bum cancer
  • Make(s) fun of the Pope
  • Need(s) a liver transplant
  • Tell(s) dirty jokes at funerals
  • And that's racist!

Unique insults Edit

  • An alien hamburger
  • Can lick my lead
  • [Is/Are] afraid of my minigun
  • [Is/Are] not Serious
  • [Was/Were] owned by
  • [Was/Were] teabagged by
  • And I'm Serious!
  • Now put a sock in it!
  • Oh god, who writes this stuff?!
  • Yeah baby!

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