"I'm Nigel! How'd you do?"

Nigel Hogg, stylized as Nigel H., is an unlockable character in the game. He is unlocked after completing Tournament Mode once.

Bio Edit

Weakness Edit

Nigel is sensitive about his weight and appearance, and will be offended by terms such as:

  • A grunting sow
  • An English pig dog
  • Your face
  • Can't exercise because of
  • [Has/Have] an unsightly face
  • [Is/Are] an ill-nurtured whey face
  • [Is/Are] dull and ugly
  • [Is/Are] getting fat
  • Look(s) like a sad lemur
  • Will always be alone

Unique insults Edit

  • A cold sausage without mustard
  • A half-eaten crumpet
  • A piece of battered cod
  • A stewed prune
  • Fish 'n' chips
  • The thing you had for lunch
  • Eat(s) only non-gluten lembas

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