Lo Wang

"Who wants some Wang?"

Lo Wang is an unlockable character in the game. He can be unlocked by completing Tournament Mode without getting defeated. Like Serious Sam, he is a guest character, but hails from the Shadow Warrior series.

Bio Edit

Some call him the Shadow Warrior... Which is intriguing since he's known for every kind of warrior OTHER than sneaky-shadowy business. So there's katanas, machineguns, rocket launchers, and a healthy dose of mystical powers. Also, he's really into saying rude things to his enemies. Rumor has it he was a real weakling as a kid, so as a badass video game hero he unleashes his pent up anger on poor demons from another dimension (and occasionally random gentlemen).

Weakness Edit

Lo Wang's weakness is weakness itself, and is sensitive to terms such as:

  • A frightened schoolboy
  • Defenseless young men
  • [Was/Were] defeated by
  • [Was/Were] owned by
  • [Was/Were] teabagged by
  • [Is/Are] afraid of my minigun
  • [Is/Are] worthless
  • [Is/Are] an ill-nurtured whey-face
  • [Is/Are] feeling a little psychotic this morning
  • [Has/Have] no life experience
  • Suck(s) at Overwatch
  • Will be chopped to bits
  • You pitiful mortal!

Unique insults Edit

  • A demon's asshole
  • A horny little bunny
  • Bring(s) insults to a sword fight
  • Move(s) like a pregnant yak
  • Want(s) some Wang
  • Will be chopped to bits
  • Says the fortune cookie!
  • Which is an ancient Chinese secret!
  • Which makes me stiff!
  • You dickbag!

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