Grisha Olegovich Kovenko (гриша Олегович ковенко), known simply as Grisha,


"я гриша, ну погоди." (ya grisha, nu pogodi) [I'm Grisha, well, wait]

is an unlockable character in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator. He can be unlocked by completing Tournament Mode with two different characters.

Bio Edit

Real name: Greg Peck, the 21st child in a simple catholic family from Whitechapel, London. He has been under the loving care of his Russian nanny since his birth, which in his teenage years made him develop a severe case of Russophilia. Now, as a grown up man, he's convinced he has fully transformed into a true Russian and obviously doesn't like talking about his upbringing. Even though he still lives in London, selling tapes of imported Russian cartoons.

Weakness Edit

Believing that he is a real Russian, Grisha does not like his lack of Russian origin being discussed, and is sensitive to terms such as:

  • Stalin's jockstrap
  • The communists
  • Your country
  • [Was/Were] born in
  • [Is/Are] not a part of Europe
  • [Is/Are] an uneducated nincompoop
  • Never partied in Moscow
  • Like a minging peasant!
  • You commoner!
  • You ginger!

Unique insults Edit

  • Vodka
  • Drunk with
  • Can't hold liquor
  • Never partied in Moscow
  • Vomit(s) after drinking vodka
  • I ya znayu, chto ty shpion! (и я знаю, что ты шпион!) [And I know you're a spy!]
  • Tovarishch! (товарищ!) [Friend!]

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