ER is an unlockable scenario in the game. It involves two people arguing over who should the liver in the middle be given to.

Dialogue Edit

Interlocutor 1: "Excuse me, but I need this liver. I was shot and I'll die in a few moments of I don't have it."

Interlocutor 2: "Terribly sorry, but this is my liver. I've partied my whole life and I'd quite like to continue."

Interlocutor 1: "I'm dying and you're worried about parties?!"

Interlocutor 2: "Oh, look at me, it's so sad, I'm dying! You know what's really sad?"

If interlocutor 1 won:

Interlocutor 1: "That's settled then, I'm taking this liver."

Interlocutor 2: "Sure, take it. Don't forget to have my bladder and spleen as well, why don't you! Bloody self entitled twit..."

If interlocutor 2 won:

Interlocutor 1: "I'm sorry for troubling you. I might be dying, but to live without parties...I guess that's even worse!"

Interlocutor 2: "No problem, mate. Send my regards to John Lennon."

Terms exclusive to this scenario Edit

The following terms can only be used in this scenario:


  • Your liver


  • donated organs for
  • [is/are] an organ in your abdomen
  • need(s) a liver transplant


  • Which might cause death!

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