ER is an unlockable scenario in the game. It involves two people arguing over who should the liver in the middle be given to. To unlock it, one must finish the tournament with three different characters.

Dialogue Edit

Interlocutor 1: "Excuse me, but I need this liver. I was shot and I'll die in a few moments of I don't have it."

Interlocutor 2: "Terribly sorry, but this is my liver. I've partied my whole life and I'd quite like to continue."

Interlocutor 1: "I'm dying and you're worried about parties?!"

Interlocutor 2: "Oh, look at me, it's so sad, I'm dying! You know what's really sad?"

If interlocutor 1 wins:

Interlocutor 1: "That's settled then, I'm taking this liver."

Interlocutor 2: "Sure, take it. Don't forget to have my bladder and spleen as well, why don't you! Bloody self entitled twit..."

If interlocutor 2 wins:

Interlocutor 1: "I'm sorry for troubling you. I might be dying, but to live without parties...I guess that's even worse!"

Interlocutor 2: "No problem, mate. Send my regards to John Lennon."

Terms exclusive to this scenario Edit

The following terms can only be used in this scenario:

  • Your liver
  • donated organs for
  • [is/are] an organ in your abdomen
  • need(s) a liver transplant
  • Which might cause death!

Trivia Edit

One can deal heavy damage to your opponent with the phrase "Your liver is an organ in your abdomen!"

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