Characters Edit

Characters in the game. Some are not present.

Appearance Unlock on... Name Weakness Notes
Unlocked at the start Mr J. Shufflebottom Style is not something to take lightly.


Unlocked at the start Mrs Maggie My days are numbered.

(Age and death)

Unlocked when you beat the tournament with two different characters Grisha

I left my meager past for Matechka Rossiya!

(Russia and Origin)

Unlocked at the start Sir Knight I can not keep up with modern times...

(Modern world)

Nigel H.
Unlocked when you finish a tournament Nigel H. I wish I was slim and handsome again.

(Size and appearance)

Unlocked when you beat the tournament with five different characters Father

Thou shalt not blaspheme against The Family!

(Family issues)

Met at the end of tournament; Has 150% (105) HP.
Lo Wang
Unlocked when you beat the tournament without losing Lo Wang

My only weakness is being weak!


Serious Sam
Serious Sam

Let's not be too serious.

(Too serious)

Added in version 1.05



Tell me son, how do you earn for living?

(Wealth and poverty)

Added in version 1.07


H. P. Lovecraft
H. P. Lovecraft

Terrifying vistas of reality.


Added in version 1.08*


*Unconfirmed - actual info needed

Conflict Scenarios Edit

All the scenarios in the game.

Scenario Icon In-Game Name Unlock on... Quotes Before Start Notes
Pet Shop Unlocked

at the start

Train Compartment Unlocked

at the start

By The Lake Unlocked

at the start

ER The fourth scenario in the tournament, and an unlockable.
The Afterlife
The Afterlife The fifth scenario in the tournament, and an unlockable.

*Unconfirmed - actual info needed

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