"I'm Albert, but you can call me Albert."

Albert is an unlockable character in the game. He was once an unused character, but was added on 16-1-2017.

Bio Edit

Weakness Edit

Albert does not like to talk about wealth and poverty, and is offended by terms such as:

  • A cheap suit
  • Homeless man's socks
  • Your house
  • Cannot buy a stairway to heaven
  • Doesn't own a color telly
  • [Is/Are] an uneducated nincompoop
  • [Is/Are] worthless
  • Wear(s) second hand clothes
  • Like a minging peasant!
  • You commoner!
  • You posh fopdoodle!
  • You son of a washerwoman!

Unique phrases Edit

  • The cozzers
  • Your kettle
  • Your pimply arse
  • [Is/Are] racist
  • Ate Yul Brynner with
  • Made a poor deal with
  • Send(s) you warmest pots and dishes
  • Used to steal from orphans
  • And that's a load of bollocks!
  • And that's racist!
  • Innit?!
  • Or is it about the way I talk?!

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