...are a part of gameplay. They are unlocked by accomplishing tasks in Oh Sir: The Insult Simulator.

Achievements Involving PhrasesEdit

These achievements involve using certain phrases in your insults.

  • Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook (Your hovercraft is full of eels!)
  • Sparking Controversy (Your son died because of your sins.)
  • The B Word (Your country is not a part of Europe.)
  • What are you doing in England? (Your mother was a hamster.)
  • How do you do, Fellow Kids? (You still use Windows Vista and never watched Star Wars)
  • Classic (Your mother is your father)
  • No, you are! (You are silly, and everybody knows that!)
  • Say No More (Your wife is interested in photography, nudge nudge!)

Other AchievementsEdit

These achievements are gained without using phrases.

  • Number Of The Beast (mention Satan 66 times)
  • It Gets Boring After An Hour (Win 100 duels)
  • M-M-Monster Insult! (Score 50 points or higher in a duel)
  • I Know Insults! (Play the tutorial)
  • Mic Drop (Win an argument)
  • Learn The Meaning Of Life (Beat the Tournament for the first time.)
  • It's Getting Crowded (Unlock two extra characters)
  • Don't Tell A Soul (Unlock a secret character)